2009-09-18 16:47:04 by Esbilick


GUYS!!! I really need your help!!!!! Even though I have tried my very hardest to get money it has not worked. NOW I NEED EMERGENCY FUNDS!!!!!!! Why...Well one is I'm going to loose the internet, to make it worst, the bill is double..... 2 is I'm sick for all of you that have been watching me you know that for over a year I'll been ill. NO I DONT KNOW WHAT'S WRONG!!! i'VE HAD NO MONEY TO GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!! What I do know is I'm tired of being sick. I think I have parasite, MAV,( or at least I've had the signs) and...well I know I suffer anxiety!!!! This is why I've not been posting for a while..srry.

Of course your probably wondering how much I need and EXACTLY how is it going to be used....WEll, first off I'll need to pay the internet bill, nearly a whoopin $550 (USD):o:. Second, I'm gonna go to the doctor. My friend told me to go to the ER, but I told her it would do me no good because I would not have the money to get the medicines prescribe. So the other portion would got towards my treatment and meds. Third, I need a chair LOL. I dont mean a expansive one, I mean the lil' $10 foldin beach chairs you get from the dollar store. My last one broke. Because I suffered whip lash a few years ago, sitting on this stool thing really makes my back and neck hurt, and I cant sit here long, it's another reason why I've not posted anything. Lastly I need some art supplies. The pencil I'm drawing my manga with isn't as big as my finger. I realize I need a good sharp point but my pencil has disappeared over the course of my drawing...:lick: Of course that happens. So in total I'm needing $1,500 bucks (USD). This will also save me and help me get ahead.... More importantly I'll be getting the treatment I need to i can draw more!!!! I really miss drawing!!!! Goodness knows I've tried everything I could do to make money. Looked for a job, posted my services on craigslist, tried to find investors for the bizz,tried to get a small personal loan, took all my valuables to the pawn shop.....All this and I've still come up short....:cries:

Yes guys I have looked for fund and to organizations for help before now, but unfortunately no one could me, or their requirements I did not meet. So ALLL HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPROPRIATED!!!!!!

I launched my project yesterday the project and was going to try and hold out till then but I cant.(It will be mid nov. when it done... :cries: ) If you can donate plz, plz, plzzzz!!!! note me. Also it would really help if you spread the word about this. I'm doing the transactions via pay pal. My pay pal email is

:cries:If you donate to me, because this is a state of emergency for me I will put you down for the meet and greet I'm setting up for my pledgers who pledge $1,000 or more!!!!! Or you can choose what gift you want!!!! BTW you can write this off as a tax return!!!! It's a donation!!!!!!

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2009-09-18 17:36:20

you could ummm....ask your mom and dad?

Esbilick responds:

There is only my mom and she has done the very best she can!!!


2009-09-21 17:24:40

friends or try writing or doing payed art?

Esbilick responds:

Hump am trying!!...friends....The shit I got cant do for themselves. They're only worth shits n giggles!!!!