Entry #1

Gaining popularity???

2009-08-27 15:08:53 by Esbilick

So....This is my second account here. I started this for my mangas..... I'm lots though???? I've got a twitter, myspace, xanga and a devianart account. Betwwen all of them I have no activity!!!! I'm so fuckin lost!!!! I get replys on DA. No watchers. I've seen people with shit in there galleries and have udoles of watchers. I Only have seven watchers, but 1000+ page veiws...On twitter I had 5 followers now there's 3.....(that my doing the two I got rid of where like spammers)...and xanga...well at least there's 1 veiw on my recent comments. I don't get what to I need to do to get more people??? I think my gallery on Da is good. Mysapce and xanga r under construction. Originally this was the only place I was going to post my mangas....Hump. I hope being here is more fruitful.....


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2009-08-27 15:13:30

Well you've still got spammers over here but I'm sure that some people would be interested...

Esbilick responds:

Oh wow thanks!!!! Woah...A comment!!!


2009-08-27 15:28:57

Yeah, a nice guy'll come around once and a while... XO 2 comments now!

Esbilick responds:

YAY!!! but I need them more often!!!!! LOL XD